Zbrush 4 Full Version Free Download

Zbrush 4 Full Version Free Download

Zbrush 4 Full Version Free Download

Zbrush 4 Full Version Free Download – Zbrush adalah sebuah Software digital sculpting yang memadukan modeling 3D/2.5D, texturing, dan painting, dibuat oleh perusahaan yang bernama Pixologic Inc. Software ini dapat membantu anda membuat sebuah modeling 3D misalkan karakter bentuk monster, hewan, manusia dan lainya.

Berbeda dengan “modeling” konvensional yang ditawarkan pada software 3D Animation suite konvensional, cara kerja ZBrush lebih mirip seperti “mematung” dengan menggunakan clay. Zbrush bekerja seperti sebuah bongkahan tanah liat, untuk kita bentuk sedemikian rupa menjadi sebuah model yg berobjek 3d. Artinya kita dapat membuat bentuk karakter, Lengkap mulai dari membuat rangka (armature), pose rangka, bentukan bulge (otot),detail2 ornamen yang kita inginkan dari bentuk dasar tanah liat.

Pixologic has achieved new breakthroughs with the release of ZBrush 4. Through the introduction of completely new tools and the extension or expansion of existing ZBrush utilities, ZBrush 4 sets a new standard for digital art software. ZBrush 4 offers the freedom to explore and create; take your art from concept to final production asset without the need to leave the ZBrush environment. You can also use GoZ to seamlessly transition between ZBrush and other applications.

With this new release, ZBrush continues to evolve in the directions established by the innovations of ZBrush 3.5. Building on the desire to add more intuitive modeling tools such as ZBrush 3.5’s QuickSketch, ZSketch and Remesh, version 4 adds ShadowBox, Clip Brushes, and improved SubTools. Hard surface sculpting is now just as easy and powerful as organic modeling. With ZBrush 4 you can create vehicles just as fluidly as creatures, environments or characters. Sculpt anything you can imagine and then paint your work with the SpotLight PolyPainting projection system. Export your work for 3D printing so that you can hold your creation in your hand!

Zbrush 4 Features :


  • Save all loaded tools, document size, light, material, timeline and render settings in one click.
  • ZBrush 4 even includes sample projects to help you discover new features.

Best Preview Render 

  • Renders Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Fibers, SSS and Transparency with advanced anti-aliasing.
  • Multi-pass rendering with Shadow, Color, Ambient Occlusion, Mask and Depth as separate maps.
  • Render for still images or animations.

Project presentation

  • Timeline for more than just simple turntables and animations. 
  • Keyframe management: copy, move, etc. 
  • Audio support with color beats for manual animation synchronization.
  • Fade in/out and cut keyframes for nice transitions.
  • Ease in/out keyframes.
  • MDD animation file format support for exporting and importing animation.
  • Animation-capable layers, Tools, ZSpheres, background and more. 



 Zbrush 4 + Patch Free Download

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(nb : Just for review, if you like this software, buy it )

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